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How do I know whether I am just making it up?

The main reasons why people feel that their regressions are valid are people experience a varied range of emotions during the regression and some can recount accurate historical events, dates, places, and people.

Can I experience a Past Life Hypnosis and Life between Lives in one session?

Yes, I believe it is important to go with whatever is happening at the time. Sometimes you can be brought to see a life and then afterwards be guided to meet your soul group.

The price is the same no matter where you travel during the session.

Will I have control over myself and will I be able to wake up?

You will be guided into a mediative state in which you will have all complete control of the session and aware of what is going on. You already experience this state everyday through daydreaming or the drowsy feeling just before you wake up or go to sleep.

Is this a safe way of connecting?

Yes, as you will connecting with your higher self and that of your soul group and guides. Which only have the best intentions for us. This means we are connecting on a higher and deeper level.

Do I need to believe in reincarnation in order to experience one?

It is not essential. It is natural to have doubts when introduced to something new, if you are opened and relaxed to the idea of change than anything is possible.

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